Computer Network Cable Mods

Tired of thin, brittle and cheap plastic PC or Ethernet cable combs breaking or snapping?!

Mnpctech will help the cables in your custom built PC or network server rack look professional with either our aluminum billet, clear, and stealth cable combs for 24-pin, 16-pin, 8-pin, 6-pin and 4-pin ATX single sleeved connectors. Our cable combs are cnc machined from 3/16" / 4.7mm thick material or 100% delrin to provide the best gripe for your custom sleeved cables. Each individual slot is precision cut for 3mm diameter sleeved cable or wire, so they hold tight. You can use Mnpctech cable combs with pre-sleeved factory cables for 24 pin motherboard connectors or 8 pin intel cpu motherboard power supply connectors. You can also use 8-pin and 6-pin cable comb for video gpu power connectors. You can also use Mnpctech billet cable combs for individually sleeved SATA, Molex and PWM fan connectors.

MNPCTECH Cat5 Ethernet Patch Cable Combs are used by some of the world's best data centers. CNC Machined from stress resistant material that is non-conductive and chemical resistant. They help organize your Cat 5 network Ethernet cables in a professional manner. You can also use MNPCTECH CAT 5 cable combs to organize the cables for your personal PC home network or internet wifi routers.