6/32 Anodized Red Screws (.99 each)

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Dress up your scratch built custom Desktop computer or PC case mods with these RED anodized aluminum socket head cap screws.

Red anodized 6/32 socket head screw with choice of 1/4", 3/8" and 1" long thread. We've often see our customers who build and mod custom desktop PC's / Computers use these screws for their PC case side panels, mounting power supplies, 3.5" hard drives, blue ray optical drives, and misc PC water / liquid cooling hardware.  

Can be used for mounting PC hardware that includes Power Supplies / PSU, 3.5" HDD data storage hard drives, 3.5" floppy data drives, and 5.25 CD ROM optical drives. Can also be used for do-it-yourself custom builds and projects. Mounting Water cool PC radiators that utilize 6/32 thread screws, these brands include Darkside, Thermochill and XSPC brand PC radiators.