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Dust can be a computer system's worst enemy as it has the potential to lower cooling performance or cause damage when left overly accumulated. Mnpctech offers 80mm and 120mm aluminum fan filters and Black PVC filter screens for 140mm case cooling fans.

These filters provide maximum airflow with effective filtering. The tightly woven aluminum corrugated mesh screen is encased in a formed aluminum frame built for ruggedness and durability. The units are easily washed in a solvent or degreaser and can be mounted directly to the fan or to a panel.

  • High quality aluminum filter with stainless mesh or PVC for 140mm
  • Wave-folded Design - Provides larger surface area for dust blocking
  • Thinner Metal Wires - Allows more air flow to pass through
  • Aluminum / PVC PC Filters - Super durable and easy cleaning
  • Anti-rust - Stainless Mesh to prevent rusting

PC Fan Aluminum Filters 120mm 80mm 140mm

80mm and 120mm version is aluminum mesh screen and frame.

Black PVC Fan Filter Screen

140mm version is Flexible Black PCV Mesh Screen.