Technics SL-2000 Turntable Isolation Feet (Set of Four)

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Mnpctech custom turntable feet do not replicate your vintage or new technics turntable manufacturer feet. These are a custom made substitute or upgrade. 

7/8" tall (22.22m) x 1-3/4" O.D (44.45mm) 

Note Top Isolators design was updated in 2021.

where to buy Technics SL-2000 Turntable Isolation Feet (Set of Four)

Mnpctech's Technics Technics SL-2000 Turntable Isolation Feet Set of Four.

Mnpctech's Technics Technics SL-2000 Turntable Isolation Feet / Audiophile Turntable Isolation Feet Turntable Isolation Feet help eliminate and isolate vibration.

These custom made Mnpctech Technics SL-2000 Turntable Isolation Feet. Mnpctech Technics SL-2000 Turntable Isolation Feet give your turntable more stability to help eliminate vibrations and needle skipping.

Four #6 size mounting screws included.

Each foot measures 7/8" tall (22.22m) x 1-3/4" O.D (44.45mm) with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell and 3/16' thick rubber foot insert and Sorbothane washer. 

Mnpctech TechnicsSL-2000 Turntable Isolation Feet Turntable Isolation Feet. Turntable Isolation Feet are MADE IN MINNESOTA, USA.

Made in our family workshop at Mnpctech. Audiophiles have used our other custom made wood plinth turntable feet on Audio Technica, Denon, Dual, Kenwood, Klipsch, Lenco, Marantz, McIntosh, Music Hall, NAD, Pioneer, Pro-ject, Rega Planar, Sherwood, SONY, TEAC, Technics, Thorens, and Yamaha.