Yahoo Small Business Email Log-In is now Turbify.

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Yahoo Small Business Email Log-In is now Turbify.

Yahoo Small Business Email Log-In has changed to Turbify.

It's legit. We have PC's on different ISP's for our business locations and they all got the same re-direct URL to Turbify on 9/5/22. We also had to update our password in order to log and access our Yahoo Small Business emails. Scary? Yes.

• Yahoo made no effort to warn "Yahoo Small Business Email" customers about this acquisition happening. Everyone is being re-directed to new url for accessing their Yahoo Small Business email accounts.

• Infinite Computer Solutions owns Turbify and purchased Yahoo Small Business / Bizmail in June 2022. Unfortunately back door acquisitions in the Tech Industry do happen without warning to the end users / customers. 

• Infinite Computer Solutions, staffing in Bangalore, India. I predict Yahoo Small Business email customers will see an increase in business related marketing spam and junk emails generated by this new owner.

- Mady Tortis

Mnpctech Tech Support

Update on 10/5/22 (One Month After Turbify bought Yahoo Small Business Email)

I noticed that our email account with Yahoo Small Business was becoming very slow in loading and would lose connection. Especially in the mornings between 8:30am and 10:30am, which is peak traffic. I've had to struggle to simply type out an email on Monday. The connection kept dropping. I was suspecting it was our Internet service provider, but yesterday we updated our internet to USI Fiber Optic. Everything on the internet loads quickly, EXCEPT our Yahoo Small Business Email webpage. This validates that Turbify's Email / Domain Hosting Servers are tiny compared to Yahoo. I will assure you that Turbify won't be expanding their bandwidth to better serve those still using Yahoo Small Business email. It's time to leave the Yahoo Small Business Email platform before it gets worse. 


  • Ted Williford, CPA

    I got an email from myself (?? go figure) that went to spam telling me to confirm my business email address so after much effort I realized it was my yahoo domain account manager so when I hit the confirm button I log in and then no where is there any way to confirm the email. the email I received said I have 7 days to do this or the domain will be shut down. I am paying about $25 a month and think it is time to shut this down and retire. Whay used to be a good service is now a POS.

  • Traci

    I was notified of renewal @ $151 and failed to move years of emails in time to close and my card was charged $302!!
    I had to file a dispute after Turbify wouldn’t correct . In the end I won and am DONE with this underhanded shady company! Good riddance.

  • Deborah

    I have had the exact same experience with the Turbify/Yahoo Small Business email. I would love to know if it possible to move my domain name to GoDaddy or another option and retain all my emails.

  • Penny

    I feel like I am being blackmailed. All my 20 years of work emails disappear if I don’t pay them money each year. How can that be legal?

  • Mori

    Poor communication with Small Business owners!

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