Yahoo Small Business Email Log-In is now Turbify.

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Yahoo Small Business Email Log-In is now Turbify.

Yahoo Small Business Email Log-In has changed to Turbify.

It's legit. We have PC's on different ISP's for our business locations and they all got the same re-direct URL to Turbify on 9/5/22. We also had to update our password in order to log and access our Yahoo Small Business emails. Scary? Yes.

• Yahoo made no effort to warn "Yahoo Small Business Email" customers about this acquisition happening. Everyone is being re-directed to new url for accessing their Yahoo Small Business email accounts.

• Infinite Computer Solutions owns Turbify and purchased Yahoo Small Business / Bizmail in June 2022. Unfortunately back door acquisitions in the Tech Industry do happen without warning to the end users / customers. 

• Infinite Computer Solutions, staffing in Bangalore, India. I predict Yahoo Small Business email customers will see an increase in business related marketing spam and junk emails generated by this new owner.

- Mady Tortis

Mnpctech Tech Support

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