My Review Of US Internet (USI) Fiber Optic Installation & Usage.

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My Review Of US Internet (USI) Fiber Optic Installation & Usage.

Why I decided to have US Internet Fiber Optic Service Installed.

In September of 2022 our Internet service with Centurylink in South Minneapolis became intorable. We had to power down and reset Centruylink's modem twice a day. 6:30am - 10:30am was typically the worst time of the day for getting a solid internet connection with Centurylink. We spoke to our neighbors on Centrylink and they echoed our complaints. Centurylink was aware their bandwidth for their 40 mbps service was being overwhelmed by customers on our block. Centurylink's tech support solution was to purchase their new modem for $200 or upgrade our service to their top tier option for $80. It was this moment that I decided to order Fiber Optic with US Internet / USI. I knew it would be 1 - 3 week window of waiting for all of the installation stages with US Internet Fiber Optic Installation. I can suffer with Centurylink for this period knowing I would have the very best internet service available in Minneapolis once it's live. 

9/23/22: Us Internet Installation Appointment. USI Fiber Optic Tech Evaulates Property For Service. 

Flag for USI / US Internet Fiber Optic Installation Location in the ground.

Stage 1 of our USI Fiber Optic Installation was performed as scheduled. This involved determing where the USI Fiber Optic wire will be underground starting from boulavard and resurfacing 4 feet from side of our house. US Internet Tech plants flags for the routing of the Fiber Optic line from the street.

US Internet / USI Fiber Optic Outside Box Installation Location on House.

US Internet Fiber Optic Service Box for Wire Connection Mounted on House. 

USI & US Internet Fiber Optic Service Box.

Before the Service box was installed on the house, I had escorted the USI Fiber Optic Technician into our basement to deteremine where he would drill small hole in the cement foundation. The USI Fiber Optic Technician inserted waterproof epoxy into the hole for the line, to prevent water or inserts getting in the house. 

US Internet Fiber Optic Hardware Details. 

US Internet Fiber Optic Modem Hardware Details & Specs

USI Fiber Optic Tech left the hardware for our connection. He connected Fiber Optic Ethernet Switch to the box he mounted on side of the house. He stated "Be careful not to bend the Fiber Optic cable more than 90 degrees when routing or handling it" The Fiber Optic Ethernet Switch brand and model used by US Internet is this CTC Union GSW 1005MS that retails for $139.99. You can find them used on Ebay.

US Internet Fiber Optic "Gig Experience" TP-Link Deco Wifi Mesh Routers Hardware Details.

He also gave us two TP-Link Deco X60 Wifi Mesh Routers for US Internet's "Gig Wireless Experience" which is additional $10 per month for rental fee. These transmit the wireless gigabyte signal with 2,000 sq foot spread, so you have good coverage throughout your home. US Internet's website description of this "Gig Experience" rental equipment in their shopping cart is pretty vague. I had to call US Internet to ask what exactly was covered with their $10 rental fee.   

TP-Link Deco X60 Wifi Mesh Routers from US Internet sell for $199.95 in 3-Pack on Amazon. He said we connect everything to the Modem after the line is connected outside the house. He will text the user name and password. 

9/27/22: Centerpoint Energy Confirms USI Fiber Optic Location Won't Interfere With Gas Line.

Minnesota Centerpoint Energy Marks Off Gas Lines For US Internet Fiber Optic Installation & Usage.

9/29/22 USI Fiber Underground Conduit Installation.

USI Fiber Underground Conduit Installation Process and Location

Where USI Fiber Line Goes Underground by Street in Minneapolis or Edina

US Internet Worker Day to Install USI Fiber Underground Conduit Installation

where does USI Fiber Underground Wire & line come out of ground by my house service box?

On 10/01/22, Our internet service with Centurylink was getting worse.

We are now having to power off and on the Modem three times a day. I said eariler that I did speak with Centurylink Tech Suppprt and their only solution was buying or renting their new modem for $200 or leveling up on our service plan. My neighboors who use centurylink are pissed too, This annoyance with Centurylink is challenging my patience in anticipation of USI Fiber Installation being completed. At this point, I have to admit I'm a bit annoyed by waiting for all of these installation stages for USI's Fiber Optic service.  

10/4/22: US Internet Attaches Fiber Connection To House And Covers Up Hole They Dug By Street.

At 5pm I recieved an email that "Step 4 of 5" of my USI Fiber installation stages for USI Fiber Optic service were performed. This involved connecting the fiber optic wire to the house, so my modem was connected. They also filled the hole on the boulevard with dirt. "Where did US Internet get that extra dirt from?" I was annoyed that they didn't give me advance notice that they were coming to perform these tasks. I had questions for the USI Fiber Optic Technician.

10/05/22: Fiber Line Installation and Fiber Turn-Up and Optimization.

Speed test for US Internet / USI Fiber Optic compared to Centurylink

At 3:59pm I received email update from US Internet that my service was live. I was at my studio working on the fallout tribute PC case mod. I got home at 7:30pm to get my other Desktop PC's connected to US Internet. I have PC network hardware and diagram below showing how you can connect multiple PC's to your USI Fiber Optic connection. 

Hardware Needed for Connecting Multiple Desktop PC's to the US Internet / USI Fiber Optic Service.

Best Switch for US Internet / USI Fiber Optic Internet TP-LINK TL-SG105 / 5 Gigabyte Ethernet Switch

Buy This TP-LINK TL-SG105 / 5 Gigabyte Ethernet Switch 

 Best Cat 6 Ethernet Cable for Home Network US Internet / USI Fiber Gigabyte Ethernet Switch

Buy This RJ45 Cat 6 Male to male Ethernet Patch Cable

How To Setup Configure US Internet (USI) Fiber Optic For Home Network Switch & Your Own Wifi

Here is the proper way to setup home network when using USI Fiber Optic / US Internet connection along with their "Gigabyte Experience" Wifi Routers in your home.  

US Internet / USI Fiber Internet Connection Drops with my Windows 10 Desktop PC.

My Windows 10 Desktop PC would drop or hiccup while surfing the internet with USI Fiber Internet. I would intermittently loose connection to my US Internet USI Fiber service. I did some research and it lead to my embedded NIC (Network Card) in my PC's motherboard being the problem.

My US Internet USI Fiber Internet Connection Drops or Hiccups on Windows 10 Desktop PC. Here is the best NIC / gigabyte network card for USI Fiber Optic Internet

I researched the best PC network card for Fiber Optic internet service and arrived at this TP-Link TX401 10Gb Ten Gigabyte Network card. After installing this network card into my PC's motherboard and installing these TP-Link TX401 drivers, I haven't experienced anymore drops.   

Final Thoughts, Pros & Cons with US Internet / USI Fiber Internet Service. 

Pros with USI Fiber:

• Fast webpage loading for all devices.

• Excellent 24hr Technical Support thats located in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

• "Plug and Play" your PC and Wifi Router and start using.   

Option to opt out of using "Gigabyte Experience" Mesh Wifi anytime.

Cons with USI Fiber:

Waiting for all of the stages of Installation. 3.5 weeks for us.

You may discover your Desktop PC's network card is outdated.


Additional Notes about USI Fiber Optic Service Experience:

On 9/26/22, I wanted to re-familarize myself with my service details for this blog. I tried to log into my account on USI Internet's website and it refused to let me log in. I tried password recovery and it responded that my email address was no longer associated with them. I contaced their custom service and got response within 30 minutes. 

Hello Bill,

You will need the account number and the invoice number to access the online portal. You will have to wait until the service goes live and you get your first invoice.


Stacia R.

Customer Service

"I understand what you're saying, but I don't understand how you don't allow customers to view their account, even before the service is live. I've paid for 1st month of service, your technician drilled a hole in my foundation and left your modem and routers here. I understand your reasoning, but as a customer, who's paid already, this system is seriously flawed. I just want to view my account."  

I do apologize.  Our authentication process does require an invoice number.  You have not been charged nor have paid anything at all yet.  We do not charge for installation and you are not charged anything until your service goes live. Once the service goes live an invoice will generate. Then you can finish the process of attaching your account to the online profile. I apologize for any inconvenience. If there's anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Stacia R.

Customer Service

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