Minneapolis / St Paul Audio Repair Shops, Recommendation List

Minneapolis / St Paul Audio Repair Shops, Recommendation List

These Are The Top Recommended Audio & Stereo Repair Shops in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities Area.

The Twin Cities, encompassing Minneapolis and St. Paul, are not just known for their vibrant music scene but also for their excellent audio repair shops. These establishments play a crucial role in keeping the music playing, whether it's for professional musicians, audiophiles, or casual listeners. Below, our vintage HiFi group members have shared their most popular audio repair shops in the area. 

Remember to check their websites for the most current services, contact information, and operating hours.

Absolute Sound Labs, Savage (Repairs)                    

Audio Perfection, Richfield (Repairs / New & Used Retail) 

Alex Audio & Video, New Hope (Repairs)                                    

(EARS) Electronic Audio Repair Service, Minneapolis (Repairs) 

HiFi Sound, Minneapolis. (Repairs / New & Used Retail)                          

Midwest Speaker Repair, Roseville, (Speaker Repair / New Used Retail) 

Mill City Sound, Hopkins (Basic Turntable Maintenance / Upgrades) 

Mnpctech Audio Turntable Isolation (Online Store)        

Oleg’s Vintage Audio, Prior Lake, (Repairs) (reputation for not responding to emails) 

Rasmussen Turntable Repair in Corcoran, Mn. (Repairs / Used) 

SolSta Records, St Louis Park (Turntable Repair Only)  

Stereoland, Bloomington, (Repairs / New & Used Retail)    

tctubes in St.Paul, (Audio Repairs / Used Audio Retail)     


Whether you're in need of expert repairs for vintage audio treasures or modern digital setups, the Twin Cities offer a range of reputable shops ready to serve. Be sure to visit their websites for the most up-to-date information and to verify their offerings, ensuring your audio equipment receives the best care possible.

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