Buying New Sails For Newport 17 Sailboat from Sailcrafters in St Louis Park, Mn.

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Buying New Sails For Newport 17 Sailboat from Sailcrafters in St Louis Park, Mn.

The sails on my Newport 17 are 47 years old. It's beyond the time to take plunge and buy new sails for the Newport 17. The old factory sails were fine for learning, but I'm curious if new sails will make N17 more responsive on low wind days. I was told by Veteran Sailers that stretched sails will cause the boat to heel more as the sails are not performing properly. Our Newport 17 likes to heel a lot.

Our only local resource for getting new sails made in Minnesota is Sailcrafters in St. Louis Park, Mn. I was told by Carl at Sailcrafters that the owner, Tim's Sail Maker Loft is the only one left in the Midwest.

I dropped off the sails on 12/10/21. Carl told me he would have to measure my sails before he could write up the estimate. Under Carl's advice, I'll be getting 6 ounce Dacron Sail Material "Super Cruise" with Cross Cut Pattern Stitch. The sail material is cut by and then shipped to Sailcrafters. 

Carl emailed me estimate On Monday, December 13, 2021, 10:10:25 AM CST:

Hi Bill,
Happy Monday! We just measured your sails and have an estimate drawn up for building you a new set. A new main at 82 sq/ft and built with an upgraded cloth will be $675. The red jib with hanks at 60 sq/ft is $500. I will write up a proper estimate later today and email that to you so you can put down the 50% deposit whenever you're ready. If you have any questions before that, feel free to call our shop or email me. I do have a few questions for you: Would you like the "LN17" on your mainsail to be blue, black or red? Do you want us to re-use the hanks from your old jib to put on the new one? This would bring down the cost by $25. 
Estimate For Buying New Sails for sailboat from Sailcrafters Minnesota
I phoned Carl at Sailcrafters to ask a couple of questions. "Hey Carl, Will I see the main sheet pattern in your quote before I make the deposit? He responded with "After making 50% deposit, I will submit your order to Sailrite and they will send me the sail color map, so I can email that to you for your approval."
Carl emailed me On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, 5:00:00 PM CST:
Here are the sail maps for you main and jib.
Buy New Sailrite Sails For Newport 17 Sailboat from Sailcrafters in St Louis Park, Mn.
Main Sheet Map details for Newport 17 Sailboat from Sailcrafters @ $675.00
Need to find New Sail For Newport 17 Sailboat from Sailcrafters in St Louis Park, Mn.
Jib Sheet Map For Newport 17 Sailboat. This will be Solid Red @ $500.00
New Sail Pattern Cloth For Newport 17 Sailboat from Sailcrafters Minneapolis
Photoshop to create color cloth map for the main sheet on Newport 17 Sailboat.


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