Turntable Feet Vibration Isolating Washers (Four)

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Use these 50 Durometer Sorbothane Vibration Dampening Grommets as Bushings or Washers for Isolating Vibrations in your Audio Component and Vinyl Turntable DIY projects. They help cushion and dampen vibrations that emulate from electronic or motorized hardware or components.

Can be used with 1/4" and M6 bolts / screws.

Inner Hole Screw / Bolt Diameter: 1/4"
Washer Diameter: 1"
Overall Height: 1/4"
Hardness: Durometer 50A Sorbothane
Temperature Range: 0° to 250° F

Sorbothane Washer Grommet Specifications:

Hole Diameter: 3/4"

Sorbothane is Great for isolating and dampening vibrations produced by your Audio Components that include Power Amplifiers, Pre-Amps, Pre-amplifiers. They're also great for isolating vibrations with Vinyl record player phonograph turntables, Compact Disc / Laser / VHS and Audio Cassette or Reel to Reel Players. Can also be used as Grommet to protect wires, cables, and electrical cords by turning rough or uneven cut-outs into smooth and insulated holes.


Stop vibration Best Sorbothane Washers Bushings Grommets

Best Sorbothane Washers Bushings Grommets

50 durometer washer Best Sorbothane Washers Bushings Grommets