KENWOOD KP-990 Turntable Isolation Feet

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Set of FOUR feet. 

M6 Thread screws pre-installed.

Each foot measures 1.77" tall (45mm) tall under compression x 2.75" O.D (69.8mm).

Replace your factory stock KENWOOD KP-990 Turntable Isolation Feet with these MNPCTECH custom silver 6061 machined aluminum replacement feet. 

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These are Mnpctech's custom creation for the KENWOOD KD-990 Record Players / Phonograph / Vinyl Turntables. MNPCTECH KENWOOD KP 990 Record Player / Turntable Isolation / Dampening / Anti Vibration feet will help eliminate and isolate vibration.

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Each machined aluminum turntable foot has a thick Neoprene insert. The Vinyl Turntable Isolation Feet Made in the USA by the MNPCTECH family owned workshop. MNPCTECH custom made isolation feet for the KENWOOD KP-990 vinyl turntables.

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