VPI HW-40, Prime, Scout, Super Prime & Signature Height Adjustable Turntable Isolation Feet (Set of Four))

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Set of FOUR BRUSHED ALUMINUM CUSTOM ISOLATION FEET made as custom alternative to VPI's factory foot. These height adjustable VPI Prime, VPI Prime Scout, Super Prime and VPI Prime Signature feet made by Mnpctech. These feet are offered as aftermarket option to owners of VPI Audiophile turntables that include the HW-40 turntable, VPI Prime turntable, VPI Scout turntable, and VPI Signature Turntable.

Simply screw in the Mnpctech aftermarket custom height adjustable isolation feet into your VPI HW-40 turntable, VPI Prime turntable, VPI Scout turntable, or VPI Signature Turntable.

Each Mnpctech aftermarket VPI HW-40, Prime, Scout, Super Prime, and Prime Signature Turntable foot hand twist 3/8" range of height adjustment. Each Mnpctech VPI height adjustable foot has thick anti-vibration / dampening isolator made from Sorbothane to help eliminate vibrations and needle skipping.

VPI Turntables in photos with Mnpctech isolation feet not included.

Made in the USA by MNPCTECH.