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Sold as FOUR feet.

These feet are custom made substitute for the factory feet. These feet are not an exact size match to factory feet. If you want factory feet, goto Ebay or Craiglist.

Please Note before purchasing our Pioneer PL-550, PL-570, and PLC-590  turntable feet.

*Mounting our feet requires removal of the bottom cover.

*We include four M6 bolts that SLIDE through the brass inserts in the bottom of the turntable. Use the included M6 nuts to fasten the M6 bolts in place. It's no longer possible to get the M6 x 0.5mm pitch bolts from Pioneer, so this is the only solution for attaching our custom feet.


Scroll down to see photos of installation process.

Pioneer Audiophile turntable foot measures 1-1/2" tall (38.1mm) x 1-3/4" O.D (44.45mm) with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell.

where to buy the best PIONEER PL-570 Turntable Feet Isolators

Replace your PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570, and PLC-590 Vinyl Turntable factory feet with our machined aluminum replacement. Turntable stock feet with our custom silver 6061 machined aluminum replacement feet. Our custom PIONEER PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570, and the  PLC-590 turntable feet custom feet will help eliminate and isolate vibration. Mnpctech machined aluminum PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable feet are Made in the USA.

Each PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570, and the  PLC-590 turntable foot measures 1-3/8" tall x 1-3/4" O.D. and has thick rubber foot insert with Sorbothane washer on top. Includes four M6 zinc plated screws and nuts.

alexa, find PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable Feet (Four)

Mnpctech workshop is the only source that makes custom isolation feet for PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntables

alexa, find the best PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable Feet (Four)

PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable Anti-Dampening Feet are made in USA by Mnpctech Workshop. 

alexa find PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable Feet (Four)

Tell Alexa to find PIONEER PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable Feet by Mnpctech.

Here are the steps for removing and replacing the worn out feet on your Pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Vintage Analog Turntable.

worn out foot on pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable looks pretty bad

Let's start by removing the bottom cover of your vintage pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable. This can be done with Philips screw driver.

worn out foot on pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable is fastened in with one screw

Removing the worn out rubber feet on your pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 Turntable is pretty easy. Each foot is held in with one screw.

Removing screw that holds in pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 turntable foot is easy with screw driver

Here is the pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 foot screw removed.

comparison of factory pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 factory foot and mnpctech custom isolation foot

Comparison of pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 foot and custom isolation foot made by mnpctech.

remove nut from mnpctech pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 isolation foot and insert foot into turntable bottom cover.

Remove included nut and insert bolt into bottom cover. Then re-attach included nut.


find the best replacement foot for vintage pioneer turntable PL-530, PL-550, PL-570

New custom isolation feet Installed on your pioneer PL-530, PL-550, PL-570 turntable and ready for playing your favorite vinyl.


These custom isolation feet are made in Mnpctech's family workshop in Minnesota. Audiophiles have used Mnpctech since 2010. Audiophile have often used Mnpctech custom turntable and phonograph isolation feet on brands that include, Akai, Audio Technica, Clear Audio, Crosley, Denon, Dual, Harmon Kardon, Kenwood, Klipsch, Lenco, Marantz, Micro Seiki, McIntosh, Music Hall, NAD, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pro-ject Audio, JVC, Rega Planar, Sherwood, SONY, TEAC, Technics, Thorens, and Yamaha.